Elf on the Shelf With Miniature Balsa Wood Glider Planes

Close up of miniature balsa wood glider plane left by Elf on the Shelf being held by child's fingersOur elves left an assortment of elf sized balsa wood glider planes this morning.  Including the tiniest wood plane we have ever seen!  It was quite a sight to see them suspended from the paper chains they made earlier in the season while holding onto these adorable planes.Elf on the shelf, with multiple elves, sitting on paper chains and holding onto tiny miniature balsa wood glider planes.Below are some close ups of the planes.  Elf on the shelf holding a mini balsa wood glider plane, close up.

Elf on the shelf hanging upside down from a paper chain holding onto a miniature balsa wood glider plane.Elf on the shelf sitting on a paper chain with elf sized balsa wood glider plane. Three sizes of the planes they left with a dime for size reference.  3 miniature balsa wood glider planes in varying sizes, made and left behind by elf on the shelf.  Dime for size reference.