Elf on the Shelf 2011, A Photo Gallery

Ralphie and Henry string popcorn
Ralphie and Henry helped us get a start on our popcorn strings.

In 2011 we welcomed our Elf, Ralphie, into our home and was he ever fun!  He truly helped spread Christmas magic to all who saw him.  A short while into his stay Ralphie brought his friend, Henry the Moose, to join the fun.  We are eagerly awaiting their return for 2012 and hoping to see them again on Thanksgiving.

Following is a photo recap of Ralphie and Henry’s antics from 2011.  Most days they simply moved from spot to spot and we had fun trying to find them.  Other days they were mischievous and played jokes on us or made a mess.  They occasionally left behind a small gift or treat.  You will see that they have been inspired by the work of other elves but they seem to have some ideas of their own too.  They certainly filled our home with an extra touch of excitement.  I hope to make a daily post about them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, come back often and see what they have in store for us this year!  Also, please Pin your favorites, thank you!