Elf on the Shelf Brings Elf Sized Kendamas

child holding a miniature or micro kendama brought by elf on the shelf

Kendamas!  The boys were delighted to see that the elves brought kendamas today.  They are the smallest that we have ever seen. Miniature, micro, however you want to say it, they are tiny playable elf-sized kendamas.  Ralphie is doing the unicorn trick and it looks like Henry landed a spike.  Roderick didn’t quite land his trick yet.  The boys are enjoying this North Pole exclusive.3 elves sitting with mini kendamas elf on the shelf with a miniature kendama doing unicorn, where the kendama looks like a horn on his forehead miniature kendama between the hands of elf on the shelf close up of a miniature wooden kendama in the hands of an elf on the shelf