Day 9 Elf on the Shelf

Our elves were busy building a huge domino rally last night and they also shared progress reports with the boys.  Yikes!  So far everyone is on the nice list but there are some areas to improve including extra kindness to each other and picking up after themselves.  If your elf needs report forms, check Magnolia Creative Company for a download (link updated with the 2013 version that includes a report for the elf that the child can fill out!).  I think our final reports will arrive closer to Christmas, this progress report was to help get everyone on track.  Instant panic set in for my child who has never had his name on the board at school or anything like that.  I’m thankful our elves left the progress reports on the nice list form and not the naughty list, they did leave a sample naughty form behind with a warning not to be placed there.  Ralphie felt bad and left another note by the backpacks that said not to worry about the report.  This was unusual because our elves never move in the morning before school, it brought instant relief.  If you want a Domino Rally set of your own you’ll find it at Hearthsong.