Elf on the Shelf Lost in Legos

Elf on the Shelf lost in LegosThe boys looked and looked, and looked some more.  They could not find the elves anywhere!  Ironically, the youngest gave up and started homework and as a reward he ended up spotting them first since they were near the homework table tucked away with the red Legos.  On a side note, I love that I could use Photoshop to make the originally cloudy wall of the bin more transparent by increasing the contrast.

Easy Elf on the Shelf

Sometimes our elves just like to take it easy.  Oftentimes they take a lot of time preparing for their antics, even bringing things from the North Pole or finding them around the house.  It is clear that a lot of work goes into what they do.  But every now and then they take it easy and simply hide.  This was one of those days.  As much as they enjoy the crazier things the elves do and the gifts they bring, the boys seem to enjoy the thrill of the hunt best of all.  The boys had a very difficult time finding them and were thrilled when they finally did!

Simple Elf on the Shelf

Holiday Mail for Heroes

Our town had a big drive, led by the chief of police, for the Red Cross program Holiday Mail for Heroes.  Over 21,000 cards were collected here in our town of 35,000.  We woke this morning to our elves writing cards which inspired the kids to write more before school.  Later that day we found them hanging around, looks like magic!

Holiday Mail for Heroes

Elf on the Shelf Links

The Elves are Back!

Henry, Ralphie, and Roderick returned today.  I have had anxious children who were waking up before 5am each morning looking for them.  Thank goodness they arrived when they did.  We had issues last year with excited children waking us up to share what the elves had been up to.  So far the note they brought, reminding them no early birds, has preserved the parents’ sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving

We're Back!