Official Elf Reports and Colorful Fun Bands

Elf on the shelf, with multiple elves, sitting in a pile of  tiny colorful rubber bands for bracelet making.  Next to the elves are official elf reports from Magnolia Creative company, including new for 2013 smaller reports to be filled out for the elves.  Behind the elves is a giant 6" diameter  brightly colored slinky stretched into an arch.Groovy!  The elves brought the very much coveted materials for making rubber band bracelets.  So many rubber bands that Roderick was able to make a “snow angel” in them.  Rainbow Loom and Fun Bands are all the rage at my kids’ school.  Unfortunately they remind me of the dreaded “silly bands” of a few years back.  These new bands will be much easier to vacuum, something about that pleases me.  I estimate that 97% of the bands pictured will be long gone by Valentine’s Day.  Boys and girls alike are nuts for these things, so much that they are no longer allowed in the classroom at our local school.  I began seeing bags of tiny rubber bands in stores a few weeks ago and thought, with 2 boys, we would not be caught up in the fad.  Was I wrong!  I think it is awesome that this has been a unisex craze.

This was a bonus day, the elves also brought Official Elf Reports today.  Somehow they both managed to score “nice” list standing.  I am certain one should have been placed, at least temporarily, on the naughty list.  Magnolia Creative Company has updated the Official Elf Report for 2013 and they added a clever twist.  It now includes a report the kids can fill out about the elf’s performance.  So fun! You can find the reports here.  The download link is in the word “here” above the report graphic on the MCC page.Alf on the shelf sitting in colorful ruber bands for bracelet making.  Next to the elf are Official Elf Reports from magnolia Creative Company, including a new report for kids to fill out for the elf.