Elf on the Shelf, Poker Night!

Elf on the shelf poker night with miniature playing cards

The boys have recently learned to play poker, Texas Hold ’em is a house favorite.  We were curious to see what the elves might do with playing cards.  Amazon has miniature cards available to purchase but they are somewhat pricey.  A quick search yielded these printable dollhouse playing cards from Small Stuff’s Print Mini.  There are a lot of other miniature printables on the site that could be useful for an elf on the shelf.  I ended up saving the image and then printing them from the saved image.  I was able to adjust the size from within the printing preferences and they turned out just right.  It would have been doubly magical if the elves had appeared with their own cards from the North Pole, which was my preference, but it just didn’t work out that way here.  Once we had cards, we left them out for the elves and it turns out that they like Texas Hold ’em too.   We figure Roderick is either incredibly lucky or a cheat with his 4 aces.

close up shot of elf on the shelf with minature playing cards with a poker hand

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