Hard to Find Elf on the Shelf

3 elves stacked on each others shoulders hidden behind a sofaOur elves have been hiding in more challenging places this year.  In fact one morning the boys spent so much time looking for the elves they forgot to open their advent calendars until after school.  Amazing!  The elves left a note saying they were hiding the first time they were out of sight, that way the boys wouldn’t worry that they had not returned.  They have been completely concealed in cabinets and drawers, tucked behind furniture, wedged in crevices.  They are illuminated in the photos but while we searched for them they were in shadows and tough to see.  My favorite was the day two of the elves hid in the cabinet with cereal bowls, the other was tucked into the flatware drawer.  One child yelled in surprise when he found the last one in the drawer. Child two jumped about 6 inches when he reached into the drawer and only saw the elf when he was about to touch it.  Elf on the Shelf can be fun and challenging for children of all ages.elf ont he shelf note telling kids they are hiding and challenging them to find them in 5 minutes or lesself on the shelf hiding in silverware drawer elf on the shelf hiding elf on the shelf tucked into crevice between the wall and a basket to hide. elf on the shelf tucked into holiday decorations for a hiding spot

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