Elf on the Shelf Fail

elf on the Shelf staging gone bad when the cat knocked over the box of froot loops the elves were staged on.  And then there are days when it just doesn’t work out.  What you see here is the handy work of our cats.  I am pretty sure the elves would have staged themselves cleverly.  Perhaps Ralphie with his head in the cereal bag, legs kicking out of the top.  Henry the Moose clinging onto the side of the box.  Roderick impatiently waiting to dive head first into the bag.  Maybe they would have used the Froot Loops to spell out a word like SUGAR!

We’ll never know for sure because a crash was heard.  Then I was awakened by my child telling me Roderick was in danger.  If you recall the day the elves returned they left a note saying no early birds and not to wake up parents unless the elves were in danger.  They have done marvelously well not waking us up by the way.

Down the stairs I went and there was an elf on the tile.  We used tongs to lift Roderick from the floor and everything seemed fine.  Except now what might have been letters made from Froot Loops were scattered across the table.  The cuteness the elves had prepared was now a rather comical scene and the boys were happy to have the annual treat of super sugary cereal for breakfast.

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