The Elves are Back!

Henry, Ralphie, and Roderick returned today.  I have had anxious children who were waking up before 5am each morning looking for them.  Thank goodness they arrived when they did.  We had issues last year with excited children waking us up to share what the elves had been up to.  So far the note they brought, reminding them no early birds, has preserved the parents’ sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving

We're Back!

Day 34 Elf on the Shelf

Day 34, that was a long Elf on the Shelf season.  It was so long that I am only now getting around to posting the Christmas morning photo.  The elves left behind a plush elf for the boys to cuddle and snuggle all year.  He was a huge hit.  Our elves could only get their hands on one plush elf and the boys have shared him well.  In the future we will be requesting a December arrival for years with an early Thanksgiving.

Cuddle Elf