Days 17 & 18 Elf on the Shelf

Our elves joined us for 2 overnight stays away from home this weekend.  We left a small case out and the boys let them know if they wanted to travel with us they should get in it.  We were sure to leave the zipper undone a bit so they could breathe.  Yes, I nearly killed them when I fully zipped it, luckily my son noticed and saved them.

Day 1 we found them with a slot machine and dice, very appropriate being we were staying at the home of people who love recreation gambling.

Day 2 we were staying at our friends’ home.  There were a total of 10 kids from 3 families.  The kids woke up to a whole pack of elves wearing mustaches.  I never imagined I’d see so many elves in one place.  Can you spot Ralphie, Henry,and Roderick?  The big plush elf, named Elf, was a special delivery and he is touchable.  That family had trouble with their toddler wanting to touch the elves.  Now that there is one he can touch he mostly leaves the others alone.  It turns out the big kids love getting to hold an elf too.

Day 14 Elf on the Shelf 2012

As promised last week, a follow up progress report.  And the verdict, even more solidly on the nice list now.  Up until today the elves have been hiding in plain sight, it took much longer to locate them nestled in the tree surrounded by ornaments.  If your elf needs a progress report, have them check here.



Day 15 Elf on the Shelf

We know elves love sugar and ours apparently showed no restraint when they stumbled upon the candy stash last night.  We found them with their heads stuck in a candy bag and surrounded by empty wrappers.  I think I could use these guys here year round, I’d get to eat a lot less candy.  Thankfully they left a few pieces for the boys!

Day 14 Elf on the Shelf

Save Roderick!  We found what looks like our elves trying to rescue Roderick from the jaws of a ferocious dinosaur last night with the help of a few kinder reptiles.  We figured it was all for fun and that Roderick was not in serious danger.  But as my oldest said, we were happy we didn’t find him chewed to smithereens.  We returned later and found that the elves were victorious and had wrangled the offender into a more submissive state.  Elf power!

Day 13 Elf on the Shelf

Keeping it simple!  These are some hardworking elves but even they need a break sometimes.  Last night they took it easy and hopped up by a newly placed photograph.  No markers, no jokes, just hanging around.  They must be marveling at how the photographer, Helen, of Helen’s Photography, managed to get great smiles out of both boys at the same time.  I know I am.  We are so fortunate she was able to do the school photos again this year.

Today’s theme, keeping it simple.  The boys were just as excited to find Ralphie and Roderick hanging by their photo as they have been for some of the other more time consuming displays the elves have made.  Henry was there too, below the photo, but in the interest of keeping it simple there is only one photo today.

Have fun with your elf or elves, and remember simple can be fun too!