Elf on the Shelf Traditions

This is the 4th year our elves, Ralphie, Henry, and Roderick, have spent the holiday season with us.  In that time they have forged some traditions.  Some things the boys look forward to each year are advent calendars, ornaments, and a special treat cooked up by the elves near the end of their stay.  They have already delivered ornaments and advent calendars this year.  I wonder what deliciousness they will cook up in a few weeks.Elf on the Shelf with ornaments. Elf on the Shelf under the tree with advent calendars.

Bright Idea

elf on the shelf holding light bulbs with message to be nice and bright idea How many elves does it take to change a light bulb?  With Christmas only days away the boys needed a reminder and the elves delivered with the bright idea to be nice written on light bulbs.  All while hanging from a light fixture.  I’m a firm believer that holidays, any holidays, are sometimes too much for children to handle and ironically parents tend to have expectations of best behavior surrounding these special events.  Ugh.  Come on December 26, or even 10am December 25, I can’t take much more of this. Elf on the shelf holding a light bulb that says "bright idea" in dry erase marker

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Boy elf on the shelf with goatee dresses up in an elf skirt for fun.Why should the girls get to have all of the fun?  Our neighbor had some extra elf skirts so we left them out to see if our elves would play.  The next morning they were all dressed up.  We wonder if they wore them back to the North Pole that night.  Lucky nutcrackers next to them are now sporting skirts.



Elf on the shelf hiding in shoe baskets, elicited a scream when the kids found them.This may be my favorite of 2013.  While the boys were at school the elves took up hiding spots in and around the shoe baskets.  My 5 year old let out a scream when he pulled his basket out and found Henry in there.  They were so surprised and this took little effort for the elves.  Between being super easy and the enormous reaction it got it will be hard to beat!


Do You See What I See?

Elf ont he shelf hanging with frames with googly or wiggly eyes on pictures and the elvesHa-ha!  Our elves thought they were pretty funny sticking wiggly googly eyes onto pictures of the boys, and themselves!  I’m not sure if they learned this from other elves at the North Pole or if they did a Google image search.  Even magical elves need a little inspiration now and then.

Forget Syrup, Let Them Drink Apple Juice

Elf on the shelf wrapped around a Pinnacle farms Organic Apple Juice bottle in the refrigerator drinking the juice with straws.Our elves proved they have excellent taste today.  They could have indulged in pure maple syrup, corn sugar syrup, or agave nectar but they went straight for the Pinnacle Organic apple juice.  It is delicious locally grown apple juice and a special treat for the boys, who were not very happy to be sharing with the elves.  Especially since Ralphie had his feet in the bottle.  The boys were pleased that the milk was left untouched.  No need to fear elf pee in the milk this year…yet!

Sweet Tooth

Elf on the shelf, with multiple elves, sitting in a small tin pail holding on tight to colorful candy canes and preventing the children from eating the candy.
Elf on the Shelf candy cane prank.

We found the elves in a tree with candy canes this morning.  By the afternoon, in what we think was a joke, they had stripped the canes from the tree and were holding on tight to prevent the boys from eating them.  I was the only one who thought that was funny.

Shall We Play a Game?

Elf on the shelf  with multiple elves sitting on board games.  Some old taped boxes of games like Clue and Life, Other new shiny boxes like Sorry Sliders and Twister Hoopla.
Shall We Play a Game?

The elves are having fun in the playroom, today we found them contemplating which game they might like to play.  A classic such as Clue, Life, or Monopoly.  Perhaps a new twist on an old favorite like Twister Hoopla or Sorry Sliders?

Elf on the Shelf Lost in Legos

Elf on the Shelf lost in LegosThe boys looked and looked, and looked some more.  They could not find the elves anywhere!  Ironically, the youngest gave up and started homework and as a reward he ended up spotting them first since they were near the homework table tucked away with the red Legos.  On a side note, I love that I could use Photoshop to make the originally cloudy wall of the bin more transparent by increasing the contrast.