Lego Pinata


I love making pinatas for my boys’ birthday parties.  I really do.

Sure it takes a while to make and the product ultimately gets torn to smithereens but there are some benefits.  They are strong and will not bust open before everyone has had a turn and the pinata hanger will not detach rendering the pinata useless and no fun.  I can customize it to the theme without breaking the bank.  Finally, I’m rewarded with a gaggle of kids who have a great time. Continue reading Lego Pinata

Choosing A WordPress Theme

I never imagined that choosing a theme for a WordPress blog could be as overwhelming as it is.  5 months ago I picked out my domain name and my wonderful hubby had high hopes that I’d be on my way to blogging.  He has all the skills required to effortlessly put a webpage together.  Me, not so much.  I spent about a week nosing around and didn’t get anywhere.  After giving it another try I’ve finally found a theme that suits my needs for now, and more importantly one that I believe I can manipulate on my own without too much assistance from my other half.  It’s a start!