Elf on the Shelf, Balloon Poppers

elf on the shelf with red solo cup and balloon poppers

Balloon and Solo cup poppers with pom pom balls.  I know some elves like to use marshmallows for ammo but our elves know I don’t care for the sticky mess that results.  The elves left both large poppers and small.  We found the small ones work perfectly where the larger size was too flimsy.  Our elves found inspiration from one of my Pinterest boards where I had pinned this from Come Together Kids.  Stuffing the mini cup full of pom poms gave us a fully loading shooter that yielded multiple blasts of fluffy colored fun.

close up of miniature red solo cup and balloon popper

elf on the shelf with a red solo cup and balloon popper

Return of the Elves, 2014!

Elf on the Shelf Thanksgiving Return

Year 4 began with a warm, gooey pot of chocolate fondue.  My boys, just turned 10 and about to be 7, had been anxiously awaiting the return of our elves, Ralphie, Henry, and Roderick.  They arrived Thanksgiving morning as expected.  Thankfully the boys heeded the elves’ advice and waited until we were downstairs to fire up the fondue pot.  So much fun!

chocolate fondue  pot and fruit

children enjoying chocolate fondue and fruit from elf on the shelf



Giant Paper Chains

Last year our elves left tiny strips of paper and started a chain for the boys to finish.  This year they started a giant paper chain.  And they wound it around the ceiling fan.  And one child wants to leave it there, oops.  So now we have a giant paper chain adorning the light and fan.  They left an array of paper strips and the boys completed the chain in no time.  Thankfully the elves used papers that compliment the color scheme so it works.

Elf on the Shelf Giant Paper Chain

Day 11 Elf on the Shelf


On Grinder on Son of a Digger…our elves were busy making their own reindeer sleigh team last night starring Monster Mutt as Rudolph.  They dressed our Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks up with pipe cleaner antlers and a red pom pom for Rudolph’s nose.  So much fun, I’m sure the monster trucks will be wearing their antlers through Christmas.  We think our elves thought they were pretty funny by using M2D Camo Thunder as a reindeer being that he is a hunting themed truck.


Day 9 Elf on the Shelf

Our elves were busy building a huge domino rally last night and they also shared progress reports with the boys.  Yikes!  So far everyone is on the nice list but there are some areas to improve including extra kindness to each other and picking up after themselves.  If your elf needs report forms, check Magnolia Creative Company for a download (link updated with the 2013 version that includes a report for the elf that the child can fill out!).  I think our final reports will arrive closer to Christmas, this progress report was to help get everyone on track.  Instant panic set in for my child who has never had his name on the board at school or anything like that.  I’m thankful our elves left the progress reports on the nice list form and not the naughty list, they did leave a sample naughty form behind with a warning not to be placed there.  Ralphie felt bad and left another note by the backpacks that said not to worry about the report.  This was unusual because our elves never move in the morning before school, it brought instant relief.  If you want a Domino Rally set of your own you’ll find it at Hearthsong.

Elf on the Shelf Day 2

My early bird was so surprised to find Ralphie, Roderick, and Henry had brought a new movie!  We have not seen this one yet so we are looking forward to family movie night tonight with An Elf Story.  I’d love to hear what the other elves are doing, share yours in the comments below.

Here is a close up of Roderick, LOVE his goatee! I was thinking Harry might be a suitable name but Diary of Wimpy Kid prevailed, Roderick it is.

They’re back!

I was greeted with squeals of delight when my oldest wandered downstairs and discovered that our Elf on the Shelf, Ralphie, had returned.  With him was his friend Henry the Moose and a brand new Elf who is yet to be named.  Our new elf has a cute little goatee and mustache.  Fun times ahead, no doubt!

Our guests were perched on the table with a Happy Thanksgiving note and something special for breakfast.  Cinnamon roll waffles!  I think Ralphie has been spending some of his downtime on Pinterest.

Magically, everyone is behaving extremely well this morning.  These elves are something else.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Elf on the Shelf 2011, A Photo Gallery

Ralphie and Henry string popcorn
Ralphie and Henry helped us get a start on our popcorn strings.

In 2011 we welcomed our Elf, Ralphie, into our home and was he ever fun!  He truly helped spread Christmas magic to all who saw him.  A short while into his stay Ralphie brought his friend, Henry the Moose, to join the fun.  We are eagerly awaiting their return for 2012 and hoping to see them again on Thanksgiving.

Following is a photo recap of Ralphie and Henry’s antics from 2011.  Most days they simply moved from spot to spot and we had fun trying to find them.  Other days they were mischievous and played jokes on us or made a mess.  They occasionally left behind a small gift or treat.  You will see that they have been inspired by the work of other elves but they seem to have some ideas of their own too.  They certainly filled our home with an extra touch of excitement.  I hope to make a daily post about them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, come back often and see what they have in store for us this year!  Also, please Pin your favorites, thank you!